A Series to Celebrate Motherhood



A Series to Celebrate Motherhood

What : 15 minutes of purposeful and meaningful memories with you and your kids (of any age).

Why : Because being a mom has many, many days filled with guilt, unworthiness and thoughts that someone could be doing this job better and few realizations that YOU ARE CHOSEN to be the mom to the kids you have been given. There is no one more perfectly suited for this incredible, challenging and rewarding work as you. That’s worthy of documentation.

When : Saturday, April 29th

Where : Tina Wilson Photography Studio, Downtown Johnson City on the lower level of Reclaimed Inspired Goods. 414 South Roan Street.

Cost : The session fee is a monetary donation to Families Free. Suggested donations of 50.00, 75.00 or 100.00, you get to chose when you call to schedule. Any amount is helpful! This organization spends their days helping recovering women become the mom’s they were made to be. Learn more about Families Free here :: https://www.familiesfree.com/who-we-are/

How it works : Simply call 423.929.8462 or text 423.747.8462 and tell us your donation amount. We will schedule your time and collect the donation for Families Free. If you would like to donate directly to Families Free, please send us a confirmation. You and your kids will get dressed up (or not…casual is equally as awesome) and arrive to our studio a few minutes before your scheduled time. We will keep a tight schedule this day, so please be courteous to the other families and arrive punctually. I will photograph several scenarios and select 3 images to show you online. I believe a moment like this is deserving of a wall portrait. It doesn’t have to be super fancy, nor does it have to be huge. We will have a few modest options for a finished wall portrait and you may purchase the digital files after your selection has been made. Investment will start at 300.00 and you will see all of the options available to you the day you are photographed.

We are thrilled to get to be a part of preserving this momentous time in your family. You are making history with your days right now. You are building a legacy for your children and their children. How wonderful to see this moment hanging on the walls of each generation to come! Call or text us today!