Adoption Stories

I have a few close friends who have went  (or are still going) through the adoption process recently. After witnessing how beautifully challenging it is, I have come to terms with 5 things.

One :  adopting is not easier than having a baby…actually, in some cases, it can seem like the path of MOST resistance

Two : it’s draining on finances, emotions, schedules and patience

Three : there’s LOTS of red tape and LOTS of relying on other people who you don’t know and who you have no favor with

Four : there are no definite time frames

Five : some of the most precious things in life are worth going through 1-4

The strength and unity I have witnessed in these families is virtually unexplainable to me. There is strengthening in the struggling. Adoption is beautiful and the blessings to the family come in forms of tidal waves of abundance.

I have asked the following families if I could photograph their very first family portrait as a  newly completed family. Then asked them to sum up their experience with adoption in three painfully short words. I love seeing emotional words and stories in such a simple way.  Collectively…this project is so fulfilling. I’m grateful for their willingness to go public with the beauty of adoption.

Have you recently adopted? Considered adopting? Perhaps you’ve already said yes and you are going through the process. If any of these things are true for you, will shoot us a line and let us know? We are passionate about telling stories and praying for stories to come to fruition. We’d love to hear yours and possibly even showcase it here!